How Flyin Media Works

Rated #1 on Clutch, G2, and UpCity, we hone our skills and tools, so that you could grow your B2B sales in any niche, with any qualifiers. Our end goal is to offer an elite level of quality across all B2B markets.

What we do to make clients happy

Eclectic. Dynamic. Customer-oriented.

Eclectic. Dynamic. Customer-oriented.
To make sure that we deliver exactly what you expect, not what we want you to expect, your definition of success becomes the centerpiece of roadmaps and strategies we build. Whenever we onboard a new client, we focus on their industry specifics, their long-term objectives, and their business culture — and then we enrich it with the best sales practices, creativity, and experience of our SDRs, researchers, and AMs to build a predictable and stable sales channel.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Vice President of Horizon Techworks

Trusted by more than 1,000 companies

Our clients’ results


Opportunities yearly


Deal closing rate


ROI Achieved

1/4 cost

Of in-house team

Our Vision

“Transforming the B2B Landscape into a Playing Field of Limitless Opportunities and Unprecedented Success.”

Our Roadmap to Your Success

Shape & Define Your Offer

We optimize your offer so compellingly that your prospects would be foolish to decline it.

Discover Your Flight Path

We map out your unique path to success, beginning with a comprehensive strategy session to understand your goals and market.

Navigate Ideal Opportunities

We define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), targeting only the most promising prospects.

Technical Setup

Our custom application takes care of all your tech needs—domains, emails, and more.

Data-Driven Targeting

Our advanced technology translates your ICP into actionable data, sourced from a variety of online platforms.

Precision Outreach

Our skilled copywriting team crafts multiple variations of your offer, conducting A/B tests to determine the most effective messaging.

AI-Enabled, Hyper-Personalized Outreach

We employ AI at scale to send hyper-personalized offers via multiple channels, such as email, LinkedIn, and phone.

Pre-Qualify & Handoff

We pre-qualify responses and hand over ready-to-close leads to your team.

Why is Flyin Media different?

Flyin Media

Balance between frameworks and flexibility

Treats every client in accordance with the success qualifiers relevant to their industry and business.

Integration into the client’s team

Studies the client’s product specifics, marketing materials, and company to become the extension of their in-house team.

Straightforward communication

Openly communicates roadmaps, long-term, and moments that need to be addressed to secure the campaign’s success.

Result-oriented approach

Is interested in delivering real value that goes beyond flashy numbers in reports and makes a difference for the client’s business.

Professional teams

Values advanced soft skills and knowledge of B2B sales when looking for new experts - and invests in enriching them.

Other companies

Framework-based workflow

Use a cookie-cutter approach to optimize time management due to working with a large number of industries and customers.

Limited by the vendor role

Don’t go into details and use only a minimum amount of information necessary for launching campaigns.

Lack of feedback

Don’t mention problems and setbacks, offering promises instead of results, which slows down the entire sales process.

Contract-oriented approach

Follow the letter of the contract, delivering the promised results. Don’t go further to secure real value and ensure increased ROI.

Static teams

Have a rigid model that makes it hard to train new experts and share experience, which leads to longer sales cycles.


Taking a comprehensive approach to understanding a business, encompassing its facets in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, enables us to appreciate the intricate web of connections between these elements. This holistic perspective empowers us to establish agile feedback mechanisms, fostering swift learning, adaptation, and optimization within our partner companies. Opting for our Revenue Operations agency, helmed by a dynamic duo of founders, presents a unique competitive advantage compared to single-founder agencies.
Our pricing strategy is tailored specifically to your business needs. We craft pricing structures that ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement for both us and our clients, fostering a win-win scenario.
Our service is entirely Done-For-You (DFY). We take care of every aspect, including crafting or enhancing sales assets, establishing email infrastructure, fine-tuning your CRM, automating your sales workflow, promptly responding to potential leads, and much more.
You can anticipate initial results within just 30 days of launching your inaugural campaign with us. However, for optimal outcomes, you can expect the most significant improvements around the 90-day mark, as we accumulate substantial data and continuously refine our strategies based on these insights.
Our guarantee is simple yet robust: if we don’t secure a minimum of 5 qualified calls for you within the first month of launch, you won’t be billed for that month.

Let’s kick-start your growth

We are ready to pave your way to winning more clients on a regular basis.