Case Studies

Software Solutions Provider:
$600,000 in Pipeline Value within 1 quarter.

Problem: Struggling with a stagnant customer base and ineffective cold email outreach. Their emails were often ignored or marked as spam, resulting in low open and response rates, which significantly hindered their lead generation and customer acquisition efforts

Solution: Flyin Media studied the email outreach strategies of the company to identify best practices and areas for improvement. We developed a highly targeted cold email campaign including crafting personalized email content and optimizing subject lines for higher open rates, and segmenting the audience for more tailored messaging. We also implemented A/B testing to continuously improve the campaign’s effectiveness and used advanced tracking tools to measure engagement and response rates.

Results: A 120% increase in qualified leads from their cold email outreach. ($600,000 in pipeline value within 1st quarter)

Creative Ads Agency:
$560,000 in Pipeline Value in 30 days.

Problem: The company struggled to stand out in a competitive market, with limited outreach and a failing email outreach campaign

Solution: By leveraging data analytics and market research as well as our automated tools and tried and tested strategies, Flyin Media identified potential clients and created targeted marketing campaigns to reach them effectively.

100+ qualified appointments in a 30 day period ($560,000 in pipeline value)

"We went from reaching out to between 10 and 20 leads a month to reaching out to hundreds and sometimes thousands. When even 0.5% of these replied positively we were inundated with so many potential deals. A lot more than we were prepared for."